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This self portrait series based on recurring dreams over the years, include 15 pieces with my most personal work to date, where I explore the topics of death, drowning, sleep paralysis, the loss of loved ones and spiritual guides.

I have experienced recurrent dreams all my life and I have always felt that most of them might have a special meaning.
Two  years ago I started to think about the meaning of these dreams, about the possibility that they were persistent because I needed to give them an interpretation for them to show me something.
I started to write down all those dreams as detailed as I could remember as well as the variations between the different versions of the same dream. Reading  those words over and over,  some images started to form in my mind and I felt the need of not just creating them, but also to be the main character in all those scenes.

This is how I decided to bring them to life as a self portrait series, called “Tenebris Somniorum”.



In the evocative series titled "Misfits," the camera lens does not merely capture images — it delves deep into the heart of unconventional beauty. With each portrait, the series narrates a story of individuals often marginalized and misunderstood because they defy traditional standards of appearance. Yet, through the visionary eye of the photographer, these subjects emerge not as outcasts, but as masterpieces. Their distinctive features and experiences are celebrated. "Misfits" is not just a collection of photographs; it's a visual ode to the splendor of being different, to the artistry of individuality, and to the profound beauty that resides in every soul.


Every snapshot is like a page in a passport... pages and pages of memories. Capturing the candid essence of everyday life has been both my passion and mission. I invite you to step into these moments, to feel their heartbeat, and to witness the unexpected transformed into art. As you journey through these images, experience the serendipity of a stolen glance, the silent stories whispered by fleeting shadows, and the myriad colors of humanity's shared emotions. Let each frame remind you of the boundless beauty that exists in the seemingly mundane, and the power of a single moment to resonate across time and space.

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