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Jose Girl is an internationally acclaimed Spanish fine art photographer known for her surreal and profound imagery that provokes emotion and contemplation. After getting her start as a self-taught artist, Jose Girl has spent the last decade establishing herself as a visual artist who draws inspiration from themes of music, memory, identity, and the human condition.


Jose Girl sculpts cinematic photographic allegories through meticulous digital manipulation. With extraordinary sensitivity to composition, her arrangements of symbolic objects and figures quietly transform into dramatic scenes reminiscent of Old Master paintings, yet imbued with contemporary cues. Music plays an omnipresent role in her creative process, shaping the nuanced universe she captures in her imagery. Her photographs give form to a world rich in nuances and hints of narrative, one she has shaped through her own distinct gaze.


Jose Girls most recent series "Tenebris Somniorum" hauntingly transforms dream fragments into cinematic photographic allegories. She does not merely reproduce dream scenes, but transforms them into her own evocative images. Viewers become oneironauts, exploring the surreal world of her mind.

In this series, Jose Girl embeds symbolic motifs into dark edges that gradually lighten towards the center, creating a dramatic chiaroscuro effect. With extraordinary sensitivity to composition and lighting, she constructs images that communicate both personal experiences and universal archetypes. The artist's visual language follows the narrative of dreams, taking the viewer along through her extraordinary attention to detail and passion for the twilight of the soul. "Tenebris Somniorum" cements Jose Girl's reputation for navigating dreamlike worlds with her unique, imaginative gaze.


Based in Los Angeles, Jose Girl continues to evolve as an artist, merging classical and modernist influences through her unique visual language. While some mystery surrounds her creative process, the power of her evocative images is undeniable. Jose Girl has emerged as one of Spain's preeminent conceptual photographers, subtly challenging perceptions and inviting viewers into her imagined, dreamlike realm.



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